I think of every wedding as a beautiful unique story to be told, and myself as the story teller.  Whether you are planning an elopement in the Rocky Mountains, a hip urban wedding in Downtown Calgary or an intimate destination wedding on the beach, my goal as your photographer is to capture each candid moment as it unfolds and provide you with the story of your day as seen through my lens.  Your story will be told for generations and I will give you classic, timeless images that will adorn the walls of your home and be bound in an album to be looked upon over and over. I love to capture the candid in-between moments because that’s what makes your day unique and special.

What you can expect from me as  your photographer

  • I believe that candid, natural moments make for the best photos. I will not put you in a pose or ask you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. I will give a few suggestions, example "Hold her close and whisper in her ear" . About half of your portraits will be of you interacting with each other and the other half will be of you interacting with me and the camera.

  • Although I think the details are gorgeous I would rather deliver a photo of you hugging your Grandma or of the tears on your Dad's face as he sees you in your dress than spend a lot of time staging an elaborate photo of your bouquet . Thoughtful, meaningful details are what makes each wedding unique and I will capture all of your beautiful details but think they are often more powerfully photographed in their natural element like your bouquet in your hands, your dress hanging in the room while you get ready.

  • My creativity grows in the moment, when I see a ray of amazing light hitting your face or when there's a really beautiful moment happening. There are a million lists of "must have shots" all over Pinterest but these belong to someone else. I will not recreate another photographers work that you saw somewhere. I will however, listen to your suggestions and create something really special for you that tells the story of your day.

  • Nobody wants photo of them stuffing their face so I don't shoot during dinner (unless there are speeches going on). When you sit down to eat dinner I will take off my cameras, use the washroom and also stuff my face (hangry photographers do not take good photos). I love when I have the opportunity to sit with your guests so that I can move freely about the room and not miss a single minute of speeches.

  • On your wedding day I will show up early, scout out the best locations for photos, introduce myself and my second shooter to everyone and do my best to blend in with the rest of the girls or guys so that you feel comfortable going about your day with me present. I may give you few simple directions such as stand against the window while putting on your dress or pause for a moment in front of the mirror but otherwise you probably won't even notice I'm in the room.

  • I'm happy to fluff your dress, pin your boutonniere, tie your tie or pour you a drink. I'll do anything I can to help out and make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed.

  • I will chat with your wedding planner leading up to your wedding and throughout the day to help ensure that we are keeping to your timeline and that things are running smoothly. However, I also get so excited about couples that forgo tradition and make the day all about themselves, with no timeline.

  • The thought of a stranger showing up and third wheeling with you all day on the biggest day of your life is such a strange concept to me. I chat on the phone, text and email dozens of times leading up to your wedding and by the time it rolls around we are old friends, which also helps you both feel more comfortable with me and in turn leads to better photos.

  • I am totally available to you throughout the planning stage to help design your day for the best possible photos. I know exactly when the light is best for photos and how much time to allow for each part of your day and I'm more than happy to share this with you.

  • I will suggest an Unplugged Ceremony to allow everyone to be present and in the moment and allow me to move about freely without anybody else's camera in my way so that you get the best photos.

  • Sometimes I see the world in black and white so you can expect to have a mixture of black and white as well as colour images in your gallery. The images that I choose to edit in black and white are done so thoughtfully to highlight a beautiful detail or to emphasize a certain light.

  • I will encourage you to be fully present in your day and not sweat the small stuff. Some parts of your day can’t be changed, like the weather. I’m comfortable shooting in any type of weather and some of my favourite photos were taken in the rain and snow.

  • Your dress is probably going to get dirty. I’ll find the perfect spots for the most epic photos but sometimes you may have to walk a bit off the beaten path to get them. You bought your dress to be worn so might as well wear the shit out of it!

  • I know how important your wedding photos are, but I don’t think they’re the most important part of your day. You and your guests having a great time is the most important part. Once we have all of the epic shots that we need I’ll get you right back to your party with your friends and family

I hope this gives you some insight into my process.  If you think we'd be a good match I'd love hear from you and set up a time to meet in person.  If it sounds like I may not be the right fit for for you and your day I'll happily give you the name of another photographer that I think would be better suited for you.